FLEUR – Bouquet Champetre

12,99 incl. VAT

Bouquet Champêtre means ‘field bouquet’: a nonchalant bunch with flowers in different colors, shapes and lengths. It’s not tight and monochromatic, but wild, uneven and composed of all kinds of flowers. Each flower is beautiful, but combine them in the right way and you get an overwhelming whole. The same goes for this album. You can enjoy each song for its own sound and feel, but listen to the album as a whole and you will find yourself floating on top of Fleur’s warm breathy voice in a musical Bouquet Champêtre filled with rich colors, sounds and smells inspired by such albums as The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, The Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle, France Gall’s 1968 and the soul of Motown. Great stuff from a great decade, but Fleur is NOW and she is in full bloom!

Bouquet Champêtre was written, recorded, performed and produced by Arjan Spies (The Kik, Les Robots, The Kryng) and Paul Zoontjens (The Kik, Simon Keats) at Studio Teepdek. The lyrics for the album were written by Lou’ Szymanowski (The Psychotic Sidewinders) and Fleur.