Les Robots – Project World Control

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Electronic, Psychedelic, Space Rock

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Project World Control is the second album from psychedelic, futuristic and fantastic space rock ensemble Les Robots. Somewhat absurd maybe, but remarkably danceable, their music is an amazing blend of 1960s sci-fi movie themes and samples, heavy, Shadows-like guitar riffs and swinging drums, mixed together in a sea of spacey analog instruments, vocoders and other effects.

Inspired by early electronic music pioneers such as Gershon Kingsley, Eumir Deodato, Kid Baltan, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Wendy Carlos and Joe Meek, Les Robots pay a tribute to a time when the possibilities of electronic music seemed endless and the concept of “future” was perceived through shows like The Jetsons and The Thunderbirds, for which the BBC Radiophonic Workshop provided almost identical scores and melodies.