The Datsuns – Eye to Eye

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Psychedelic, Rock

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Eye to Eye is The Datsuns’ seventh studio album. On the album, lead singer Dolf Datsun sounds like the bastard child of Alice Cooper and Marc Bolan with a hint of Redd Kross’ Jeff McDonald; almost alien-like melodies float through the tracks and heavy guitar effects and the use of keyboards create a whole new sound. The contribution of guitar player Christian Livingstone is clearly present.

According to Dolf Datsun “Brain to Brain was the first track that we wrote in 2016 for our new album Eye to Eye. It’s a typical Datsuns track, if such a thing even exists. It’s about taking a big step back from our digital world in order to keep a clear mind. We have all these amazing toys to communicate with each other, but it often feels like we’re doing it all wrong. So much gets misinterpreted and misunderstood. It’s fascinating to see how much we expose ourselves for this revolting type of entertainment.”

It’s been seven years since the New-Zealand based rockband released their last album (Deep Sleep, 2014) and two decades since they conquered the Northern Hemisphere with their US tour. As the band claim, “Eye to Eye” may be the best album they have released ever.